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Symptoms of Corneal Issues of Keatoconus

Symptoms of Keratoconus: Spotting the Early Warning Signs

Keratoconus is a serious degenerative disease of the corneas that can cause severe impairment to vision. The cause of keratoconus is not yet known, but researchers have identified a number of risk factors:

  • Patients who have incurred eye injuries in the past are more likely to develop keratoconus.
  • Individuals with a family history of keratoconus are statistically more likely to contract this condition themselves.
  • People with Down syndrome, osteogenesis imperfecta and certain other conditions are at greater risk of developing keratoconus.
  • The use of hard contact lenses has also been implicated in some cases of this ailment.

Keratoconus can be literally translated as cone-shaped cornea, which is a fairly accurate description of the condition:

  • As corneal tissue becomes weaker and thinner, bulges can develop that can interfere with visual acuity.
  • These bulges typically present as cone-shaped and usually become more pronounced over time.

Spotting the symptoms of keratoconus early can sometimes allow for more aggressive treatments that can slow or stop the condition from progressing. Here are four symptoms to watch out for if you are at risk for keratoconus.

Blurry Vision

The swelling associated with keratoconus can cause blurry vision for one or both eyes. A number of other eye conditions may also be responsible for blurring and cloudiness in your field of vision. Scheduling a consultation with a qualified Houston eye surgeon can allow you to acquire an accurate diagnosis for your condition.

Halos and Ghosting

The improper refraction of light caused by keratoconus can also create the illusion of halos around light sources and ghosting, which is generally defined as a limited form of double vision. Ghosting occurs when two images are superimposed accidentally. These visual phenomena can prove very dangerous for individuals with keratoconus and other eye disorders, especially when driving at night or in low-light conditions.

Increased Sensitivity to Bright Lights

Sensitivity to light is one of the first and most common signs of an eye disorder. In patients with keratoconus, this sensitivity is usually caused by light improperly refracted by the cornea before reaching the retina. If you are becoming increasingly sensitive to bright lights and glare, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a Houston laser eye surgery professional to protect the long-term health of your eyes.

Deteriorating Vision

Rapid downturns in your ability to see clearly may be a sign of a degenerative eye disease like cataracts or keratoconus. If you are frequently scheduling visits to upgrade the strength of your contact lenses or eyeglasses, it may be time to visit an ophthalmologist to determine if keratoconus could be the reason behind the deterioration of your vision.

Keratoconus treatments in Houston have advanced greatly over the years.Ā At Mattioli Vision Professionals, our trained and experienced staff members can provide you with the most advanced solutions for your eye care needs. We offer comprehensive support for our patients, including advanced Houston LASIK procedures that can provide clear vision for a lifetime. Give us a call at 713-776-3937 to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly medical professionals. We look forward to the opportunity to serve all your eye care needs.

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