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Corneal Cross Linking – Eye Surgery

Corneal Cross-Linking: A Practical Treatment for Keratoconus

One of the most promising treatments for patients suffering from keratoconus has recently received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Corneal cross-linking therapies can slow or stop the progress of this serious eye condition, reducing the number of corneal transplants required in the U.S. Both the Cornea Society and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Society have expressed their support for this procedure, which is already in use in Europe and Asia.

What Is Corneal Cross-Linking?

First introduced in Germany in 1998, corneal cross-linking therapies use a combination of riboflavin and ultraviolet light to stimulate the production of anchor points in the cornea.

  • First, riboflavin eye drops are administered to the surface of the cornea.
  • Next, the cornea is exposed to ultraviolet light to stimulate the tissue of the eye.
  • The combination of UV light and riboflavin triggers the production of cross links in collagen tissue located in the cornea, allowing it to become stronger and more durable.
  • The increased number of cross links in the collagen strands can reduce the outward bulge associated with keratoconus to slow the progress of this disease.

Corneal cross-linking is not a cure for keratoconus and cannot repair damage that has already occurred. It can, however, slow down the deterioration of the cornea to reduce the risk that a corneal transplant will be required.

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